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If a baby catches your eye please fill out the form below. Please wait for us to respond if that hedgehog is available before submitting your deposit. We work full time jobs and cannot always update the website while at work. We will responsed with in 24 hours (normally much sooner) to let you know if that hedgehog is available. Thank you for your patience! Please note if the baby has on hold next to it's name it already has deposit placed on it.

We are taking applications for future litters. We have the option to be placed on a waitlist and priority wait list. To be placed on the wait list for future litters place fill out the application below and type wait list or priority wait list in the hedgehog interested in box. To be placed on a priority waitlist officially please place a $50 deposit down. It will give you pick of the litters in the order it is received. That $50 will be applied to the cost of the hedgehog just like other deposits. After everyone on priority waitlist picks their hedgehog we will move onto the waitlist in the order it is received. 

Babies for both moms born 2/12/2019!
Put an application in to be put on one of our waitlists!!! 
​***Klasik x Inkheart*** 
***Chazz Michael Michaels x Ninaine***

Priority Waitlist​​
*Angie H.*
*Tyler G*

*Carrie P.*
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Rescues for Adoption

We here at Sonoran Desert Hedgehogs believe that all hedgies deserve a home! We on occasion take in rescues to help them find loving homes! The hedgehogs listed below were surrendered or rescued to/by Sonoran Desert Hedgehogs. We cannot guarantee temperament or health as we do not know their background like we do our babies. We do our best to describe their personalities and get as much information on their history as possible. If you have additional questions on the rescues please message us! We do require anyone interested in adopting a rescue to fill out the same form below as one of our babies. Our policies with the except of health guarantees are the same for the rescues. We will require to see set up and will not adopt them to a home with the opposite sex hedgehog.

We  require a $25 dollar deposit on rescues to hold them for a specific family. 
Harley (Female) (ON HOLD)
Born 8/3/2016 (not at Sonoran Desert Hedgehogs)
Ready to go home: 2/10/2019
Color: Dark Brown Snowflake
Eye Color: Black
Adoption fee: $50

Harley came to us when her owner fell ill. She was having a hard time providing the time she felt Harley deserved. 

Harely is a very sweet girl. She loves to run on her wheel. She is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. 

Mischief and Mayhew (females) ***bonded mom and daughter pair must be adopted together!
Approx age: 18 months and 12 months
Ready to go home: 2/13/2019
Color: brown and light brown
Eye color: both black
adoption fee: $70

The mom is Mischief and the daughter is Mayhem. Mischieft was bought originally with another hedgehog who turned out to be a male. Needless to say, she found herself pregnant. Mayhem is one of her daughters from that litter. After some time they found themselves in another home and have been living together the whole time.  Their last home has found themselves now working longer hours then they had previously. They decided it was best for these two girls to find a home who had more time for them. They are super sweet girls who are a little shy at first. They warm up quickly! We are requiring the home they go to be a minimum of 42 x 28 inches. They will need to have 2 hide spots, 2 wheels and extra bowls for food and water.  Apply for these girl below.
Shaymin (Male) (ON HOLD)
Approx. 1 year 8 months
Ready to go home: 2/15/2019
Color: High Pinto
Eye Color: Dark Ruby
Adoption Fee: $50

Shaymin's owner felt he would be happier with a family with more time and experience for him. 

Shaymin is a active boy with a big personality. He loves to explore and prefers to spend his time that way. He is not a huge fan of being handled, he huffs a little when he is picked up.  He does ball up a little when handled. 

Application for Hedgehog

Name (First & Last)
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Sex, Pattern or Color Interest
Is the hedgehog for Pet or Breeder
What Other Animals do you have
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Are you 18 years or older
Do you own a Hedgehog if so what gender is it
What kind of cage do you plan on using please note if you need advice
What type of bedding are you going to use
I certify I have read Sonoran Desert Hedgehogs Policies
I certify I will not breed this hedgehog
I certify I have read over the care page for hedgehogs
I certify I will contact breeder with any questions I have before scheduling a pick up time (we understand there will still be some questions pick up day)
I certify I will provide a picture of my cage set up with measurements and heat set up at least 2 days before pick up (unless buying from SDHH)
I will provide the proper heat set up to maintain a cage temperature of 76-82. Please note if you need help as this is extremely important for your hedgehog.
I understand if I fail to provide a picture on time I will be required to reschedule pick up day
I understand the $50 dollar deposit is non-refundable and I must pick up my hedgehog within 10 days of originally pick up date
I understand Sonoran Desert Hedgehogs is a small licensed breeder and not a pet store.
I understand all appointments must be scheduled a few days in advanced
Where did you hear about us?
If interested in a rescue, please note they do not have the same guarentees as our babies we breed. Put NA if interested in a baby, put I understand if you understand.
Type of cleaner you will use for the cage
By typing you name in this spot you are agreeing the information provided in this application is true and accurate
Vet you plan to use
After filling out the form, please wait for a response asking you to click here to place a  $50 deposit on a hedgehog! If you select paying for goods please add 1.75 for the fee paypal charges. Thank you!